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Hoisin Sauce

Beef Stew in Hoisin and Red Wine Sauce


Stewing beef 400g
White radish 200g
Carrots 100g
Garlic 20g
Spring onions 20g
Rock sugar 15g
Cinnamon 10g
Dried Chinese tangerine peels, rehydrated 5g
Star aniseed  2pcs
Water 350g
Red wine 150g
Cooking oil 15g


1 Dice beef, carrots and white radish into 2cm cubes.
2 Heat up the wok or saucepan/pot with cooking oil. Sauté garlic, spring onions, cinnamon, star aniseed. Stir in the sauce mix, wine and 500ml water, rock sugar and rehydrated orange peel. Then bring to a boil before adding the beef, carrots, and radish.
3 Lower the heat and simmer for 2 hours or until beef is tender. Serve.
Serves   4 
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