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Popular Chinese Dishes

Popular Chinese Dishes

4 August 2018

Chinese cuisine has embraced different cultures in its overseas development, yet it always retains intrinsic Chinese flavors.

Chinese cuisine has embraced different cultures in its overseas development, yet it always retains intrinsic Chinese flavors. Some of the most popular Chinese dishes in restaurants overseas are shown below. Simply choose the best seasonal or local ingredients and match them with convenient and high-quality Lee Kum Kee sauces, and you can prepare a delicious Chinese meal at any time:

Beef with Black Bean Sauce

Beef with Black Bean Sauce is a Chinese takeaway favourite and an easy homemade dish. The succulent strips of marinated beef, tasty black beans and a delicious sauce make the dish greatly enjoyable. Check out full recipe here

Chow Mien (Fried Noodles)

When making Chow Mien, the taste of sauces and ingredients merges with the fragrance of the flour of the noodles through stir-frying in the Chinese wok. Check out recipe 

Fried Rice

The ingredients used in fried rice vary greatly, and may include eggs, vegetables, meat, sausages and seafood, etc. making it a very common and popular dish. Check out recipe here

Kung Pao Chicken

This famous traditional Chinese dish is also renowned overseas. It is prepared by frying diced pieces of chicken, dried chilli pepper and peanut. The fresh and tender chicken is a perfect match with the crunchy peanuts and, with the help of a delicious sauce, this dish can be served with an authentic local taste with relative ease. Check out our recipe using cashew nuts here.

Spring Rolls

Spring roll is one of the most favourite Chinese dim sums overseas. With a hot and moist stuffing wrapped inside the golden and crispy pastry, it can be enjoyed with any sauce of your choice, embracing a wonderful mix of crunchy and tender textures. Check out full recipe here.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Many restaurants have once kept the delicate proportioning of ingredients for the sauce for this dish as a well-guarded secret. However, now the secret recipes have found their way into everyone’s home in the form of ready-to-use sauce packets. One can prepare it like a professional by following simple instructions on the package. Check out full recipe here

Wonton Soup

Whether it is a shrimp wonton in a soup, a meat dumpling in a spicy sauce with vinegar, sesame oil and crushed garlic, or wontons served with braised noodles with oyster sauce, or even crispy deep-fried wonton served with sweet and sour sauce, all are equally delicious. Check out full recipe here.

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