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Beef Burgers with Asian Slaw


Beef minced, mix of chuck & skirt/hanger or short rib 800g                   
Asian Slaw
Mayonnaise, made from free-range eggs 60g/4Tbsp
Lemon, juiced 1Tsp
Salt ½ Tsp
Red cabbage, shredded 300g
Carrots, julienne 100g
Mangetout, julienne 50g
Red onions, sliced 50g
Brioche burger buns or 10 mini slider buns 4
Mild cheddar or Jarlsberg cheese 4 slices

Sauce Mix

Burger Sauce
Tomato ketchup 15g/1Tbsp
Mayonnaise 45g/3Tbsp


1 Marinate minced beef with Lee Kum Kee (Professional) Gluten Free Oyster Sauce . Set aside for at least 30 mins.
2 Mix the slaw vegetables in a large bowl. Add lemon juice and salt. Leave aside for 30 mins.
3 Mix Lee Kum Kee (Professional) Plum Sauce and mayonnaise, then add to slaw. Mix well and set aside.
4 Divide burger mix to 4 equal portions. Shape burger a little bit wider than brioche and put an indent in the centre with your thumb.
5 Heat pan to medium heat. Add burger to pan and pan-fry at medium heat 4 minutes each side. Then flip over and cook other side. Do not press as this will release the juice and dry burger. Add cheese to burger and cover pan with lid. Cook for 1 minute until the cheese melts.
6 To assemble: Split brioche burger bun in two. Lightly toast buns under grill.
7 Place a handful of Asian slaw on flat half of bun, followed by cooked burger. Serve with the other half of bun and a squeeze of burger sauce.


1 For the burger sauce, you could mix the mayonnaise with a spoonful of Lee Kum Kee (Professional) Chilli Garlic Paste to create your own version of chilli mayo.
2 For a vegan version, you could replace beef with portobello mushrooms and season it with Lee Kum Kee (Professional) Vegetarian Stir-fry Sauce (with Shiitake Mushroom) . This sauce is a vegan alternative to our iconic Oyster Sauce.
Serves   4 
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